000004 TOWA 作業用手袋 3双パック(穴水町ボランティアセンターへお届け)


TOWA's rubber work gloves, Joyhand Zero, 3pairs pack.
The items will be delivered to a volunteer center run by the Anamizu Town Social Welfare Council in Anamizu Town, Hosu District, Ishikawa Prefecture.
And will be used by local people and volunteer staff who are working to dispose of debris.
The number of items delivered is 12 packs.

東和のゴム作業用手袋、Joyhand Zero 3双パックです。

We purchase from Komeri (Hard & Green), a home center located in Anamizu Town.


Anamizu Town is an area that suffered severe damage from the earthquake on January 1st, with many houses collapsed.


Notice The item purchased on AidShop.org will not be delivered to the buyer's address. It will be delivered to the individuals affected, as specified in the product description. Delivery information of the item will be provided in the Blog.

注意 この商品は、購入者のもとへは届きません。AidShop.orgでの購入は「寄付」であり、商品説明にあるような被災者、または被災地の復興に関わる人のもとへ贈られます。商品の配送情報はブログで提供されます。

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