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商品が購入され、被災者のもとへ商品が届くと、AidShop.orgはそのことをブログでお知らせします。(商品の受け渡し日とブログへの掲載日はあるていど前後しますことをご理解ください) is an online shopping platform that allows you to directly send relief supplies to people affected by disasters.

All products listed on this website are requested by disaster victims. When you purchase a product, it will not be delivered to you, but directly to the victim who requested it.
Products are delivered to victims from stores or individuals located in the disaster area or nearby. searches for and contracts with stores and individuals in the affected area who are selling the items requested by the victims.

When a product is purchased and delivered to a victim, will announce it on our blog. Please understand that there may be some delay between the date the product is delivered and the date it is posted on the blog.